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Sun Path Student - Standard Features

Skyhook RSL Equipped

SkyHook LogoThe SkyHook is a main assist reserve deployment system that uses a malfunctioning main to extract the reserve freebag from the container and provide a fully inflated reserve in as little as 80 feet. All Sun Path Student containers are Skyhook equipped.

Clear Reserve Pin Flap Cover & AAD Placement

Clear reserve pin cover with AAD control unit mounted on the pin flap. Allows easy viewing in the airplane.

Stainless Steel Hardware

Sun Path Products was one of the first harness container manufacturers to offer stainless steel hardware as a standard feature. The decision to stock only stainless steel hardware was twofold. 1. End the chance of hardware wearing out and 2. Reduce the wear on the harness itself. All Sun Path products are manufactured with stainless steel hardware.

Red Phat Daddy Cutaway Handle

Using a 3/4" metal tube surrounded by padding and 1000D Cordura fabric, this cutaway handle will be there when your student needs it the most! Custom embroidery extra.

Pilot Chute w/ Non-Kill Line Bridle

Main pilot chute is equipped with a PVC handle and Non-Kill Line Bridle.

Belly Band Belt Loops

Belt loops in backpad for instructors that would prefer to use the optional student belly band.

Stainless Steel Reserve Rip Cord with Deep Reserve Handle Pocket.

Masterfully crafted stainless steel D Handle which is set securely into a deep well pocket that keeps your handle in place until the time comes to use it!

Type 7 Harness Construction

The most durable nylon webbing for this application. Type 7 webbing has a tensile strength of 6000 lbs. with a selvedge edge that resists abrasion and shows potential wear.

Type 8 Anti Twist Main Risers With Large Main Rings

Teflon inserts in the housing for the excess cutaway cable prevent a line twist malfunction from becoming more difficult to release. The excess cutaway cable will slide out easily, even in the most extreme line twists on high performance canopies.

Easy Grip Main and Reserve Control Toggles

Keeping it simple, these control toggles are sewn down the back to create a loop that is easy to find during deployment.

Two Color Sun Path Student Logo on Right Sidewall

Choose your logo colors to make your student rig look great, and let the world know which harness and container system you choose.

Choice of Quilted Para-Pack or Deluxe Spacer Foam Backpad

A smooth comfortable back pad that resist wear, or our popular mesh backed spacer foam.

Quality Manufacturing Standards

Sun Path is ISO 9001-2008 certified. We manufacture in accordance with FAA TSO C23(d) and is QAC(I) 121 compliant.