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Sun Path Products Inc. is equally dedicated to helping you keep your harness/container system safe and comfortable as we are building new gear. Our repair department is committed to quality and customer service and is available to answer your questions regarding repair and airworthiness. You can contact the department via e-mail at or via telephone at +1 910.875.9002.

Before you send your harness/container system to Sun Path for repair, please read the following guidelines:

  • Sun Path requires that all gear returned for repair is inspected. The inspection fee is $25.00. Sun Path will provide a price quote to repair any issues found during inspection.
  • Your repair cannot be completed without your consent. We will contact you with a complete quote via e-mail. It is your responsibility to inform the repair department that you approve the work to be completed and accept responsibility for payment.
  • Sun Path products Inc. reserves the right to deem any harness/container system un-airworthy based on rig inspection as well as the right to hold any item returned for repair until it is brought current with all service bulletins.
  • Only send us the harness container system itself. Do not include reserve parachute, reserve free-bag or pilot chute. Also keep your main risers, main parachute, deployment bag and pilot chute.
  • Please take a moment to complete and print a copy of our repair form and send it with your harness/container system. The more accurate and complete the form is, the faster we can get you jumping again! Also remember to keep a copy for your records, the repair form you send to us will not be returned with your rig.
  • Remove your AAD, cutaway handle and reserve ripcord. Unless you would like for Sun Path Products, Inc. to repack.
  • Cover all hook Velcro with pile Velcro before sending your rig to Sun Path.
  • Your repaired rig cannot be returned until payment is received. If you do not want to send your payment information via e-mail or on the repair form, just let us know. We will contact you for payment once the repair is complete.
  • All repairs are performed under the direct supervision of an FAA certificated master parachute rigger.