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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the questions that we are frequently asked. If you have a question that is not listed on this page, please feel free to contact us.

What can I do to prevent my leg straps from slipping?

Slippage is commonly caused by dirt build up between the hardware of SP888. The use of isopropyl alcohol to clean the hardware should help.

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What is the difference between the Odyssey and the Legacy?

There are two functional differences between the Odyssey and the Legacy:

  • The lateral straps on the Odyssey are “cut-it” or sewn down 2" inside of the lower corners of the container, where the laterals on the Legacy are sewn all the way out to the edge of the container. The Odyssey gives a snugger, custom feel where the Legacy allows for a greater range of body sizes to jump a single rig and is less constricting.
  • The Legacy reserve static line is attached to the left main riser. It uses the classic RSL technique of pulling the reserve ripcord as the jumper falls away from the malfunctioning main. The Odyssey RSL is attached to the right main risers using the patented Collins Lanyard as well as the optional SkyHook RSL system. The Legacy cannot be outfitted with a SkyHook.

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How long should my cutaway cable be?

Please reference the document below to answer this question:

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How do I avoid customs charges when sending my rig for repair?

Make sure to properly fill out paperwork to denote the container as a repair or warranty from manufacturer.

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Does Sun Path offer Military discounts?

Sun Path Products, Inc. is proud and honored to the be the Harness / Container System choice for many of the brave men and women serving our US Armed Forces.

As a manufacturer of skydiving equipment, we are dedicated to the design and manufacturing of our products only. For sales and distribution, we rely on a network of equipment dealers that serve all our amazing customers – military, civilian, and otherwise. Some of these equipment dealers may offer military discounts. However, due to the fact that we do not sell directly to end users, Sun Path Products is unable to extend military-specific pricing.

We thank you for your interest in Sun Path and thank you for your service to our country.

Sun Path Products, Inc.

How do I wash my rig?

The use of a light detergent (woolite) and room temperature water with a hand wash will be sufficient to clean your rig. Rinse sufficiently and air dry. Please reference the document below:

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What is a TSO?

TSO (Technical Standard Order) is a minimum performance standard for specified materials, parts, and appliances. When authorized to manufacture a material, part, or appliances to a TSO standard, this is referred to as TSO authorization. Receiving a TSO authorization is both design and production approval. Information on the TSO label is your Harness/Container serial number, harness size, container size and date of manufacture as well as the rated TSO.

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Where is my TSO label?

  • Javelin/Legacy 1989 - Present: On the reverse side of your Reserve Pin Cover Flap, in the plastic pocket.
  • Javelin Odyssey 2000 – 2007: On the reverse side of your Reserve Pin Cover Flap, in the plastic pocket.
  • Javelin Odyssey 2007 – Present: Behind the orange warning label at the bottom of the Backpad.

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How long should my main closing loop be?

Please reference the document below:

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What size canopies fit in my container?

Please see our container Canopy Compatability Chart. There are special circumstances such as f111, low bulk material, or jumps in excess of 500 that allow larger canopies to fit in smaller containers. Note that line types, alternative deployment methods (pull-out), etc… will have an effect on canopy sizing as well.

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Do I need to have an RSL installed on my rig?

All new Javelins come with an RSL installed. If the RSL is removed it must be noted on the data card as an alteration by an FAA certified master rigger or foreign equivalent.

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Can the SkyHook be retrofitted on to my rig?

The SkyHook became available on our odyssey systems in February of 2007, unfortunately it cannot be retrofitted to systems prior to this date.

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Can a rig be resized to fit me?

The harness can be resized, however the container cannot be changed. There are three major portions to a harness resize: Main Lift Web, Lateral, and Legs. If you contact us with a complete set of measurements we can provide an estimate of the cost.

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What is the procedure for having Sun Path repair my rig?

The repair form should be downloaded and filled out as much as possible. Once the rig is received it will be given an inspection. After inspection you will be emailed with a repair quote. No work will be completed until the repair quote is accepted. We aim to maintain a 2-3 repair lead time.

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