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Javelin Aurora - Available Options

The Aurora Wing Suit Container is the culmination of a two-year project that was specifically focused on providing Competition and Recreational wing suit pilots a purpose-built container with the emphasis placed on main deployment characteristics during forward flight.

The entire harness container system was designed with comfort in mind while improving aerodynamics.

Skyhook RSL

The SkyHook is a main assist reserve deployment system that uses a malfunctioning main to extract the reserve freebag from the container and provide a fully inflated reserve in as little as 80 feet. All Javelin Odyssey’s with a date of manufacture of February 2007 or later are Skyhook compatible.

Reserve Pilot Chute Pin Stripe

Customize your Javelin Aurora by adding a pin stripe to your reserve pilot chute.


Easy grip dive loops

These dive loops have a design similar to our easy grip control toggles. Thanks to bungee sewn internally, these dive loops remain open and ready to help you steer your parachute to it maximum performance, yet stow away easily during packing.

Extended Chest Strap

For all you hard core canopy pilots, chest straps can be ordered in 2" increments up to 12" longer than our standard 19".