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Javelin Aurora - Standard Features

The Aurora Wing Suit Container is the culmination of a two-year project that was specifically focused on providing Competition and Recreational wing suit pilots a purpose-built container with the emphasis placed on main deployment characteristics during forward flight.

The entire harness container system was designed with comfort in mind while improving aerodynamics.

Skyhook RSL Compatibility

All Javelin Aurora’s are Skyhook compatible while having the Skyhook installed is a paid option. The SkyHook is a main assist reserve deployment system that uses a malfunctioning main to extract the reserve free-bag from the container and provide a fully inflated reserve in as little as 80 feet.

Stainless Steel Hardware

Sun Path Products was one of the first harness container manufacturers to offer stainless steel hardware as a standard feature. The decision to stock only stainless steel hardware was twofold. 1. End the chance of hardware wearing out and 2. Reduce the wear on the harness itself. All Sun Path products are manufactured with stainless steel hardware.


Using a 3/4" metal tube surrounded by padding and your choice of fabric this cutaway handle will be there when you need it most! Custom embroidery extra.

Choice of Reserve Rip Cord

Choose our stainless steel D Handle or Phat Daddy Rip Cord to customize your rig.

Magnetic Riser Covers

The magnetic riser covers were designed to stay closed during flight, and open evenly during low-speed deployments.

Tapered, Two Stow Main Deployment Bag

The main container is complimented with a tapered main 2 Stow deployment bag to facilitate a clean bag extraction while at the same time molding with the aerodynamic profile of the container.

Oversized main pilot chute w/ Choice of Hackey or Easy Grip Freefly Handle

Neoprene Low Drag Collar

The addition of the neoprene collar is an aerodynamic advantage that was incorporated to limit the airflow under the container.

“Drop – Out” wingsuit corners

The aerodynamic main container was designed to completely taper down and drop away during deployment. There are no corners that would impede bag extraction as the main deploys behind the jumper in forward flight.

420 Denier Para Pack Construction

Constructed of Parapack to improve overall aerodynamics and eliminate parasitic drag.

Aurora Logos on Main Container and Left Ring Cover (LRC)

Aurora Logo

Anti Twist Main Risers

Teflon inserts in the housing for the excess cutaway cable prevent a line twist malfunction from becoming more difficult to release. The excess cutaway cable will slide out easily, even in the most extreme line twists on high performance canopies.

Easy Grip Main and Reserve Control Toggles

Keeping it simple, these control toggles are sewn down the back to create a loop that is easy to find during deployment.

AAD Ready

Because everyone should have the choice of whether or not they want an AAD in their rig!

RSL Equipped

People should have a choice of whether or not they like or want an RSL (reserve static line).