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Javelin Accuracy - Overview

Javelin AccuracyThe Accuracy Javelin was designed based on input from some of the world’s most accomplished accuracy competitors. The dynamic main and reserve sizing allows for a main parachute suitable for competition accuracy and a reserve parachute more suitable for the jumpers body size. The rig is SkyHook compatible and is available with most of the same options as the Javelin Odyssey.

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“You can’t land on it, if you don’t get over it.”

Sun Path consulted with some of the world's top competitors and foremost authorities in the discipline and they all agreed on one thing. You have to be sitting up straight in the harness on approach. The main ring placement on the Accuracy Javelin allows the jumper to sit up straight in the harness and focus on a vertical approach to the target, resulting in more dead centers.

A note from a world champion!

Thank you very much for such a well-built rig. It fits perfectly, and sits me straight up in the saddle. It is amazingly comfortable whether I am on the ground, in the plane or under canopy. The main canopy fits nicely in the pack tray and I never struggle to close the container, which makes a huge difference I am making ten jumps a day and packing for myself.

Cheryl Stearns

Accuracy Jump