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Javelin Accuracy - Available Options

The Accuracy Javelin was designed based on input from some of the world’s most accomplished accuracy competitors. The dynamic main and reserve sizing allows for a main parachute suitable for competition accuracy and a reserve parachute more suitable for the jumpers body size. The rig is SkyHook compatible and is available with most of the same options as the Javelin Odyssey. We are proud to offer all of the options below at an additional charge that will truly customize your Javelin Accuracy system!

Articulated harness

Stainless steel rings at the hips and chest provide a pivot point for the main lift web. What was once a point where the harness would bind and pinch, now allows for a custom, comfortable fit with a secure harness without sacrificing mobility. Available in a four ring version (hip and chest) on the Javelin Legacy and two or four ring on the Odyssey.

Skyhook RSL

The SkyHook is a main assist reserve deployment system that uses a malfunctioning main to extract the reserve freebag from the container and provide a fully inflated reserve in as little as 80 feet. All Javelin Accuracy’s with a date of manufacture of February 2007 or later are Skyhook compatible.

“A” or “V” stripe on the reserve pin cover

Adding an “A” or “V” stripe to your reserve pin cover or #3 flap is an another way to customize your Javelin Accuracy, add the optional pin stripes for an even more personal touch.

Pin Stripes

Pin striping is available on the mid flap (A-E stripes), the reserve pop top and along with the “A” or “V” stripes.

Sun Path Backpad (SPB)

This channeled back pad offers “standoff” between the rig and the jumpers back, allowing air to circulate, keeping the wearer cooler than a standard back pad. The back pad is available on the Javelin Accuracy in black.

Easy grip dive loops

These dive loops have a design similar to our easy grip control toggles. Thanks to bungee sewn internally, these dive loops remain open and ready to help you steer your parachute to it maximum performance, yet stow away easily during packing.

B-12 snaps

For those jumpers with physical limitations, or who jump specialized gear like demo flags, that make standard step through leg strap hardware impractical.

Asymmetrical Center Flap or section “1A” a different color

Not everyone lives in a right angle symmetrical world. Show your individual side and color your rig to suit your personality!

Extended Chest Strap

For all you hard core canopy pilots, chest straps can be ordered in 2" increments up to 12" longer than our standard 19".